About Danielle Williams-McCord

Danielle Williams-McCord Evangelist, Author, Human Sex Trafficking Survivor and now Playwright was born and raised in Los Angeles, Califorina, but before she became an anointed woman of God she suffered a series of horrific events; which birthed an astounding testimony. In 2008 Danielle accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in a New York basement where she was kidnapped and raped repeatedly, but by the grace of God she was able to escape and through that experience she made a vow to God that she would serve him all the days of her life. Danielle was licensed and ordained as an Evangelist on April 8, 2010.
   In 2011, Danielle released her first booked titled “From Porn To The Pulpit”, this book entails her testimony of hurt, violence, drug addiction, abandonment, abuse and so much more. Her book and now stage play is indeed a memoir, but it is also a guide to the reader of how to journey from victim to victor, from pain to purpose and how to now live a triumphant life through Jesus Christ; all while encouraging her audience to tell their testimony.
   Never imagining that she’d trust or love again, she was found by her husband and in March of 2014 she married the love of her life Min.Ronald McCord.
   “Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new” (2Corinth.5:17) is the scripture that has left an indelible mark in Evangelist Danielle’s transformation through Jesus Christ. Evangelist Danielle Williams-McCord is the visionary of “Danielle Williams-McCord Ministries” which purpose is to restore, regroup and refocus the youth and women in society to overcome the destruction of the streets, human sex trafficking, and domestic abuse. One of her central focus is those who are drug abusers, prostitutes and many who’ve suffered abuse of all kinds.
She has an unwavering commitment to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, until those that God has placed in her path are healed, delivered and set free by her uncompromising message of truth, repentance and love.