Preaching in Pain Conference


This conference is open to everyone, but we are focusing on the Preachers, the Leaders, the Intercessors, the Armor Bearers, the Praise and Worship leaders, the Ushers and those who are in real relationship with CHRIST but have been CRUSHED!!

This is a reminder that God has not forgotten about you! This conference is coming to Replenish, Restore and Refresh those who constantly pour out, but are not always filled back up. If you’ve been planted in ministry in any form you don’t wanna miss this! Join Pastor Danielle Williams-McCord, Prophetess Barbara Calloway and Psalmist Ledessa Brown for this life changing revival! 


Saturday Service 

Includes lunch (for VIP guest)

Panel Discussion 

Praise & Worship

Pastor Danielle Williams-McCord 


Praise & Worship  

Prophetess Barbara Calloway 

Both services 4/6 & 4/7 begin at 3:30pm.

Location will be emailed after ticket purchase. 

General Admission 
(Covers both services. Lunch not included.)
(Includes ministry bag, lunch and first in line at vendor tables)

(Per service)